Rabu, 15 Februari 2017

Consecration {Set Apart Girl Conference 2013}

I know many of you young women have been so blessed, like me, by the ministry of Eric and Leslie Ludy. They are such a beautiful couple, and I could tell you so many stories of ways they have impacted my life through their books, sermons and the Set Apart Girl online magazine... but that would be for another time. :) 

I was so, so excited to be able to join in the Set Apart Girl conference this year via simulcast. (I'd so encourage you to join in next year - either by going to Colorado or watching online!) 

Today I wanted to start sharing with you some of the wisdom I have gleaned from watching the messages Leslie, Eric and others have shared over this weekend. I pray that God would speak to you through His word, and these words, as you read through this post about Session One from Leslie - Consecration. 

Leslie's first session focused on the theme of Consecration... what a powerful concept to grasp as young women! We are called to be set apart from the world unto our King, for His glory in this earth. 

When we are preoccupied with the world - caught up with movies, celebrities, social media, popularity - we are placing hinderances on our relationship with Christ. These things cloud our vision from Jesus Christ, and build up our flesh instead of our spirits. 

We need to move away from what is considered 'normal' in this world, and in our culture. God has not called us to be normal, but to turn our eyes away from these worthless things, and into His beautiful, wonderful face. What does the old hymn say? 
Turn your eyes upon JesusLook full in His wonderful faceAnd the things of earth will grow strangely dim... 
Psalm 119:37 reveals the Psalmist calling out to God to draw him out of the world... "Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your Word." 

How many hours do I spend on trivial chit chat? on social media? on books and magazines that don't tell of the glory of God? on flirting and self-promotion and bragging and jokes? on movies and youtube and pop music? 

We... I must take practical steps away from the pattern of the world. Ian Thomas' quote reminds us... "Your life must be hid in Christ..." 

How, each day, does my life reflect Christ? Is prayer the cornerstone of my daily plan? Is He my priority? What are the practical things I can change - what am I reading, listening to, watching, talking about? 

Don't pray when you feel like it - have an appointment with the LORD and keep it. {Corrie ten Boom} 

The outflow of intimacy and relationship with Christ... when I am purposefully purging my life of the influence of the world, my life begins to overflow out of me into others. Taking my eyes off myself enables me to see what God sees... to truly fulfil His command and realise the anguish of His heart

Not only do I have this opportunity to structure my time into prayer and intimacy with my Jesus, I have the honour of proactively reaching out to those in need of hope... the ones who need Him most! What opportunities are right around me, to bless and empower the least of these? 

There is no downside to the Christian life - don't stop moving! I know my God and His Word. {Eric Ludy}